Scripts with a theme of Perseverance

The Adventures of Awesome Boy

Adventures of Awesome Boy, The

Who says you have to be a grownup to change the world?

Danny Mitchell wants to change the world, and he’ll do anything to make a difference--even dress up as Awesome Boy, the world's cheesiest superhero...

Themes: , , ,

| 35 minutes | 3 males, 7 females, extras

The Brave Little Tailor

Brave Little Tailor, The

Will the Royal Tailor capture the Scary Thieves...or die trying?

After the Royal Tailor kills three with one blow, the Queen decides that she is the perfect person to drive some Scary Thieves out of the kingdom...

Themes: ,

| 18 minutes | 11 females, extras

The Dance

Dance, The

Heather spent her whole life dancing...until a car accident took it all away.

Heather, a skilled ballerina since she was a little girl, recently suffered a horrible accident that left her confined to a wheelchair...

Themes: , , , ,

| 9 minutes | 1 male, 2 females

The Grasshoppers and the Ants

Grasshoppers and the Ants, The

"Hard work pays off!"

In this hilarious retelling of Aesop's Fable, three Li’l Ants are tired of working to store food for the winter...

Themes: , , ,

| 12 minutes | 3 males, 4 females

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