Scripts with a theme of Forgiveness

Father's Day

Father’s Day

After a lifetime of abuse, is forgiveness possible?

It's been many years since Jack was abused by his father. But today, on Father's Day, he can't help remembering the pain.

Themes: , , ,

| 6 minutes | 1 male, 1 recorded voice

Goldie Lockes and the Five Bears

Goldie Lockes and the Five Bears

Goldie Lockes is always picking on her sisters...until the bears in the forest teach her a lesson she'll never forget!

Almost every day, big sister Goldie steals her little sisters’ teddy bear--and Mom is tired of it...

Themes: , ,

| 20 minutes | 2 males, 7 females

Senior Trip

Senior Trip

Confession may be good for the soul, but it doesn't erase the consequences.

Scott Anderson, who had a reputation as a troublemaker in high school, returns to his old principal’s office after graduation...

Themes: , , , ,

| 8 minutes | 3 males

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