Scripts with a theme of Bullying

Be the Hero

Be the Hero

Faster than a speeding insult...more powerful than nasty to stop school bullies in a single bound!

It’s a big day for aspiring superhero "Water Boy." Today, the principal of Hero Academy is interviewing him to find out if he’s ready to be super...

Themes: , , , ,

| 60 minutes | 2 males and 1 female appear live onstage; there are additional roles for 2 males, 1 female, and 2 either gender that may be prerecorded

The Bully Game

Bully Game, The

Bullying hurts.

It's a brand-new reality show at your school: Three bullies compete to see who can do the best job of abusing their victim...

Themes: , , ,

| 15-20 minutes | 2 males, 3 females, 1 either gender

Cinderella in Middle School

Cinderella in Middle School

What happens when everybody's favorite princess goes to middle school?

Poor Cindy. She wants to attend the big dance like her stepsisters, but she’ll never finish her chores in time...

Themes: , ,

| 20 minutes | 3 males, 7 females, extras

The Emperor's New Clothes

Emperor’s New Clothes, The

A pair of snobby popular girls take the place of the emperor in this contemporary fairy tale.

The school bullies are bored. Shoving kids into lockers just isn’t as much fun as it used to be...

Themes: , , ,

| 15 minutes | 4 males, 6 females

The Frog Prince

Frog Prince, The

Ugly is only skin deep, but kindness lasts forever.

A snotty Princess wants nothing to do with the palace pond’s resident Frog...

Themes: , , , , ,

| 8 minutes | 2 males, 1 female

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Everybody wants a Happily Ever After. If you're a Big Bad Wolf, it's just a little hard to find.

When the Big Bad Wolf's son shows up at the Grimm Brothers' office, he only wants one thing—a happy ending for the story of his life...

Themes: , ,

| 30 minutes | 4 males, 7 females, extras

Jerry's Kids

Jerry’s Kids

Greg doesn't usually make fun of kids who are "different." But for Jerry, he'll make an exception.

Jerry, a socially-awkward high school student, is taking selfies with Greg, an “average guy” who’s trying to befriend him...

Themes: , , ,

| 5 minutes | 2 males, 1 female

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