Tonya Sawyer and the School Fence

A contemporary adaptation of Mark Twain's famous tale of Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence.

Genre: | Length: 20 minutes (or see all scripts lasting )

Cast: 4 males, 5 females, extras (or see all scripts with )

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Themes: , , ,

Tomboys Tonya Sawyer and Huck Finn are minding their own business when Abigail, a snobby rich girl, decides to play a prank on the P. E. teacher…and pin the blame on Tonya! The tomboys are sentenced to paint the school fence on a Saturday. Will Abigail get caught in the end, or will Tonya and Huck have to suffer for her misdeeds? This play is a contemporary adaptation of the famous chapter in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where Tom tricks his friends into whitewashing Aunt Polly‚Äôs fence. View the production photo gallery here.

$20.00 (includes photocopying and performance rights)

Tonya Sawyer and the School Fence

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