The Not-So-Newlyweds Game Sample Questions

Here are a few of the funny yet challenging questions that your contestants will answer during “The Not-So-Newlyweds Game.” The goal is not for couples to give “super-spiritual” answers. Instead, husbands and wives earn points only if their responses agree with each other.

For the Wives

Your church is looking for volunteers to clean and wax the floors. What will your honey say when they ask for his help?
A. “Isn’t that what the pastor does all week?”
B. “9:00 Saturday? I’ll be there.”
C. “I’m busy that day, but the wife loves to wax!”
D. “No hablo ingles.”

You had to stay three hours late to finish a project at work. What are the first words the love of your life will say when you walk in the door?
A. “Where’s my dinner, woman?”
B. “I made something special when I noticed you were late. Would you prefer filet mignon or chicken cordon bleu?”
C. “Oh, no–she’s home! Son, I told you not to play football in the house…”
D. “You’re late? I didn’t notice; the playoffs are on.”

For the Husbands

It’s time for Boys’ Night Out! You tell your Darling you want to watch football with your fellow Neanderthals this weekend. What will she say?
A. “Why, honey…I never knew you had a death wish!”
B. “Only if you watch the kids for Bingo Night.”
C. “Go ahead. I know you need some Man Time.”
D. “Can I come?”

When the local Christian radio station sponsors a Shoe Drive for Nigerian orphans, how will your wife respond?
A. Donate everything in her closet except one pair of black and one pair of brown shoes.
B. Say, “I need eight pairs of orange pumps!” (and keep ‘em all).
C. Give away the 13 pairs she wears less than once a decade.
D. After prayer and fasting, donate the 5-inch mauve heels that kill her feet.

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