Fractured Fairy Tale Plays

The Brave Little Tailor

Brave Little Tailor, The

Will the Royal Tailor capture the Scary Thieves...or die trying?

After the Royal Tailor kills three with one blow, the Queen decides that she is the perfect person to drive some Scary Thieves out of the kingdom...

Themes: ,

| 18 minutes | 11 females, extras

Cinderella in Middle School

Cinderella in Middle School

What happens when everybody's favorite princess goes to middle school?

Poor Cindy. She wants to attend the big dance like her stepsisters, but she’ll never finish her chores in time...

Themes: , ,

| 20 minutes | 3 males, 7 females, extras

The Emperor's New Clothes

Emperor’s New Clothes, The

A pair of snobby popular girls take the place of the emperor in this contemporary fairy tale.

The school bullies are bored. Shoving kids into lockers just isn’t as much fun as it used to be...

Themes: , , ,

| 15 minutes | 4 males, 6 females

The Frog Prince

Frog Prince, The

Ugly is only skin deep, but kindness lasts forever.

A snotty Princess wants nothing to do with the palace pond’s resident Frog...

Themes: , , , , ,

| 8 minutes | 2 males, 1 female

Goldie Lockes and the Five Bears

Goldie Lockes and the Five Bears

Goldie Lockes is always picking on her sisters...until the bears in the forest teach her a lesson she'll never forget!

Almost every day, big sister Goldie steals her little sisters’ teddy bear--and Mom is tired of it...

Themes: , ,

| 20 minutes | 2 males, 7 females

The Grasshoppers and the Ants

Grasshoppers and the Ants, The

"Hard work pays off!"

In this hilarious retelling of Aesop's Fable, three Li’l Ants are tired of working to store food for the winter...

Themes: , , ,

| 12 minutes | 3 males, 4 females

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Everybody wants a Happily Ever After. If you're a Big Bad Wolf, it's just a little hard to find.

When the Big Bad Wolf's son shows up at the Grimm Brothers' office, he only wants one thing—a happy ending for the story of his life...

Themes: , ,

| 30 minutes | 4 males, 7 females, extras

A Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale

Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale, A

What happens when Snow White and the other fairy tale characters go on strike?

There's serious trouble brewing in Taleville, home of the fairy tales...

Themes: ,

| 20 minutes | 3 males, 9 females

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