Stop Bullies

A Bullying Prevention Talk for Teens | 45 minutes | Up to 500 Students | $250

Speaker George Halitzka was bullied almost constantly during his middle school years, and then into high school. His peers thought he was a complete dork…and George certainly looked the part. (Yes, that’s really his middle school picture below.) But today, George has impacted thousands of students with the compelling true story of his experience. George shares how it feels to be a survivor of bullying in a way that authentically engages teens. He’ll change the way your students think about bullying! Preview our discussion guide for teachers here.

What Educators Are Saying

“George held the attention of a room full of freshman students. [He was] extremely captivating as he spoke about his real-life experiences with bullying in middle and high school. I loved his message of not participating in the game of ‘Better Than.’ I recommend this presentation to anyone trying to address the issue of bullying.”

– Diane Polley, Teacher, Fern Creek Traditional High School (Louisville, KY)

“George spoke to our school about bullying, and did so using real-life experiences. It was good for our middle school students to see firsthand how words can be hateful and the long-range damage they can do. I recommend having George Halitzka speak to your students about bullying.”

– Jeff Purichia, Principal, St. James Catholic School (Louisville, KY)

“Thanks again for coming to East Oldham Middle School and sharing your story with us. It was a great kickoff to our guidance topic for the month and created many talking points during our guidance lessons this week. All students had positive comments about the assembly as well. . . . The administration and faculty liked how you connected your experiences to adulthood, exposing the long-lasting effects of bullying. Moreover, you explained to students who is responsible for creating a remedy for bullying behavior: the bystander.”

– Brandon Murphy, Guidance Counselor, East Oldham Middle School (Crestwood, KY)

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In Stop Bullies, Artistic Director George Halitzka shares his personal story as a survivor of bullying. He’s impacted 8000 teens with this powerful assembly program.