Real Life Drama: Conflict Resolution

Empower Teens with Conflict Resolution

For Grades 6-12 | 8 Sessions of 60 Minutes Each | Up to 30 Students* | $850 for 8 Workshops**

High school boys in the midst of a conflictAt your middle or high school, maybe you can already spot the teens who are at risk for growing into violent adults.

They’re the ones disrespecting teachers, threatening peers, fighting in the hallways … or quietly seething in a corner. You know that teens who use physical or verbal violence to get their own way are hurting themselves. You know they’re creating a school climate that makes learning more difficult for all. But how can you help your students acquire healthy conflict resolution skills?

Bring Peace to Your School

Teens resolving a conflictPicture a workshop where your students are learning to solve problems peacefully. They’re being empowered to express feelings without aggression, look for win-win solutions, and handle criticism. But this isn’t a lecture! Your teens are getting hands-on experience with conflict resolution through role-playing. In other words, they’re trying real-life solutions without real-life consequences.

That’s what Drama by George’s Real Life Drama program is all about. We use discussions, stories, interactive activities, and technology to deliver hands-on workshops that engage and transform teens. Our eight-session program includes:

What Educators Say

A middle school girl argues with a high school student“Everything about our partnership with Drama by George was fantastic! . . . Students were engaged and able to use what they learned in the workshop in real-life situations. Teachers were able to mimic the program language and use practice scenarios to help students problem-solve. . . . The results of this program included an overall increase in the behaviors we want to see in students, a decrease in those behaviors we don’t, and evidence of sustainable conflict resolution skills. I highly recommend [this] program!”

– Cathy Tinsley, ECE Priority Consulting Teacher and PBIS Lead, Valley High School (Louisville, KY)

“This program gives students information on conflict resolution that is relevant to today’s world. The workshops also provide them with the opportunity to practice conflict resolution skills in a fun, nonthreatening environment.”

– Holli Duke, Guidance Counselor, Brooklawn School (Louisville, KY)

We Deliver Results

Since 2007, Drama by George has impacted more than 88,000 students across the Kentuckiana region. In 2017, we collaborated with Louisville’s Valley High School to gather data about Real Life Drama. Read a brief news story about our work at Valley here, or read on for some key findings from our data.

What Students Say

Schedule Real Life Drama for Your Students

Middle school students disagree over an assignmentWhen teens get real-life practice in resolving conflicts, it will make a real-life difference in your school — and in your students’ lives. The Real Life Drama program includes:

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*We require a MINIMUM adult-to-student ratio of 1:15, and we recommend a ratio of 1:10. We provide one teaching artist. For larger groups, additional adult supervision must be provided by the sponsoring organization. We recommend that you send the same students to each of the eight workshops. Real Life Drama is most effective when students experience all of the sessions.

**$125 is the cost for a single workshop. If you schedule all eight workshops at the same school during the same academic year, you’ll receive a $150 discount (which results in a total cost of $850 for the 8-session program). Additional discounts are available when you schedule more than one workshop on the same date in the same location (to accommodate multiple groups of students). Prices are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

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