Real Life Drama: Conflict Resolution

For Middle & High School | 50 Minutes | Up to 30 Students* | $125 Per Workshop**

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Real Life Drama brings the power of theatre to social and emotional learning. We offer eight highly-interactive workshops about resolving conflicts, handling criticism, and managing anger. Real Life Drama engages middle and high school students using three key elements.

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Each session lasts 50 minutes. You can schedule all eight workshops for your group, or just one or two lessons that give your teens the skills they need most. Real Life Drama is ideal for at-risk youth, peer mediation teams, or any group of teens that could benefit from stronger conflict resolution skills. Click any title below to view the session review guide.

Real Life Results

Drama by George worked with Louisville’s Valley High School to gather data about Real Life Drama in spring 2017. Here are some key findings from our collaboration.^

Feedback from an Educator

“Everything about our partnership with Drama by George was fantastic! George is extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible. The Real Life Drama program George brought to our school was well executed and filled with valuable information and practical strategies. Students were engaged and able to use what they learned in the workshop in real-life situations. Teachers were able to mimic the program language and use practice scenarios to help students problem-solve. George knows how to approach tough topics and communicate real choices, so students can effectively think through personal struggles and yield smart, healthy resolutions. George also worked around our complex schedules and adapted seamlessly to constantly evolving conditions in the classroom. The results of this program included an overall increase in the behaviors we want to see in students, a decrease in those behaviors we don’t, and evidence of sustainable conflict resolution skills. I highly recommend George Halitzka and his Real Life Drama program!”

– Cathy Tinsley, ECE Priority Consulting Teacher and PBIS Lead, Valley High School (Louisville, KY)

Feedback from Students

We asked students to identify the most helpful topics that we covered in an open-response survey administered after the workshops. Their answers included “calm[ing] down,” “stress,” and “anger.” Teens said that the activities they most enjoyed were “acting,” “talking about solving problems the good [way], and “going up there and performing.” When we queried students about the most important thing they remembered from Real Life Drama, they said “when you [are] mad, count to ten,” “try to talk things out before reacting,” and “think before you do.”

Feedback from Other Schools

“This program gives students information on conflict resolution that is relevant to today’s world. The workshops also provide them with the opportunity to practice conflict resolution skills in a fun, nonthreatening environment. George is very passionate about his work and the students enjoyed each workshop.”

– Holli Duke, Guidance Counselor, Brooklawn School (Louisville, KY)

Contact us at (502) 718-5090 to schedule your Real Life Drama workshops!

*We can accommodate up to 30 students per session in a treatment setting (like a hospital or group home), because the staff-to-student ratios are very low. However, we’ve found that in regular education settings, when there are only one or two staff members available to supervise all of the students, a smaller group size of 10-15 students is more effective. There’s less negative peer pressure and more opportunities for the students to connect with each other. We strongly recommend that you send the same students to each workshop. Real Life Drama is most effective when students experience all eight sessions.

**$125 is the cost for a single workshop. If you schedule all eight workshops at the same school during the same academic year, you’ll receive a $25 discount on each session (a total of $800 for the 8-session program). Prices are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

^Comparisons are made between data gathered for the third grading period of the 2016-17 academic year (immediately before the workshops began) and the fourth grading period (during the workshops) for the same cohort of students. All students who (a) attended five or more of the eight workshop sessions and (b) were enrolled at Valley High School during both of the grading periods measured were included in the dataset.

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