Moviemakers: Character Education + Filmmaking

Watch one of our elementary student films above, or follow this link for a middle school film.

Moviemakers Overview

Option 1: After-School Program

We’ll work with a group of up to 16 students after school to rehearse and record one or more short films. Our screenplays result in short films ranging from 1-5 minutes in length, professionally edited and perfect for showing on your televised morning announcements. We can even adjust the number of roles in our screenplays so that every student has a speaking part. A five-session after-school program starts at $1140, and includes professional editing for the students’ film(s).

Option 2: In-Class Workshops

From looking out for kids who are “different” to taking responsibility for yourself, our screenplays address key character education topics for tweens and teens. Choose the scripts you like and a group of students to perform in them, and we’ll do the rest! Producing one complete project with your students starts at $400, and includes professional editing for the students’ film.

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Drama by George is on cue with hot topics that children and youth face. Whether the issue is bullying or building one another up, Drama By George is a smart and economical way to bring quality education that is always entertaining to your student body.

— Nathan Calvert, Youth Pastor, St. John United Methodist Church (Prospect, KY)
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