Speaking & Performances

Our hour-long school assembly programs will keep your teens laughing while they learn! Call (502) 718-5090 or contact us online to schedule your date with drama.

The Grit Game Show

Grades 3-8 | 60 minutes
It’s a motivational assembly about resilience where your students become contestants in an onstage game show! Our engaging and educational competition will empower your students to succeed. Watch a short video here.


Grades 3-8 | 60 minutes
The Grit Game Show has been one of our most popular programs ever — with students and teachers! That’s why we’re offering an all-new version with an emphasis on achieving goals. Watch a short video here.

Stop Bullies

Grades 6-12 | 40 minutes
Speaker George Halitzka was bullied mercilessly during his middle and high school years. But today, he’s impacted thousands of students with the compelling true story of his experience. Watch a short video here.

Bottom Feeders

Grades 6-12 | 40 minutes
In the pond of school, everybody wants to feel like a Big Fish. But when people start to prey on their classmates, that’s a big problem. Bullying survivor George Halitzka challenges teens to empathize with their peers. Watch a short video here.

Stop Bullies for Parents

Parent Seminar | 60 minutes
What does bullying look like? Does adult intervention do any good? How can parents support a bullied son or daughter? We draw from the stories of real-life families to give parents wisdom for stopping bullies. Learn more.

Boys vs. Girls: The Game Show

Grades K-8 | 45 minutes
This wacky, messy game show features your students as contestants! Teens will look forward to the highly-interactive fun all week long. As a young audience member once told us, “That was the best show ever!” Watch a short video here.

In Stop Bullies, Artistic Director George Halitzka shares his personal story as a survivor of bullying. He’s impacted 8000 teens with this powerful assembly program.

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