Middle/ High School Theatre Workshops

These hands-on workshops require only one class period to complete, and they’ll be the highlight of your students’ week!

Acting Like a Professional

For Middle and High School Students
Learn the basic techniques used by actors around the world as they prepare roles! We’ll discuss and practice actions, objectives, and tactics in this basic introduction to “Method” acting. Other acting workshops are also available, including “Expressive Movement,” “Inside Out,” “Building a Character,” and “Emotional Acting.”

Comedy Improv Basics

For Middle and High School Students
Our most popular workshop for teens! Students will have a blast learning the basics of comic acting without a script. We’ll practice Collaboration, Storytelling, and Goal-Setting skills. Finally, everyone will create improvised scenes to perform for the class! We also offer a full sequence of comedy improv workshops that culminate in a student performance.

Director’s Workshop

For Middle and High School Students
We offer nine different workshops on fundamental aspects of the director’s craft. Give your student directors the knowledge they need for success! We offer sessions including “Where Do I Put My Actors? (Blocking Basics),” “Coaching Actors for Stronger Performances,” and “Script Analysis for Dummies.”

Playwriting Essentials

For Middle and High School Students
Writing a good script looks so easy . . . until you actually sit down and try it! This workshop introduces students to the key elements of a successful play: Conflict, Character, Dialogue, and Theme. It’s a great way to launch your students into creating original works. A full sequence of playwriting workshops is also available.

Theatre is My Life . . . or Is It?

For High School and College Students

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your involvement with theatre in perspective with the rest of life. The arts are a consuming (and sometimes devouring) profession! But if you’re contemplating a career in media or performance, it’s important to remember that theatre is only a part of life. This workshop will help you consider ways to balance your craft with everything else.

Turning Your “Theatre Habit” Into a Business

For High School and College Students

Once upon a time, our artistic director was laid off from his job. He soon located part-time work, but also decided to see if his theatre habit could pay the bills. Within a year, he was able to transition to working as a full-time artist! Learn how to discern if theatre should be more than a hobby for you, and pick up some practical advice for making it happen.

What Educators Are Saying

“Our students loved working with Drama by George. The sessions were fun, interactive, and most importantly, educational. Students were able to use drama to learn and teach others critical life and social skills.”

– Steve Rickner, FRYSC Coordinator, Myers Middle School (now Phoenix School of Discovery) (Louisville, KY)

“The kids reaped great benefits from [your workshop]. Thank you so much for your time and efforts with our students. I am certain we will continue to use those skills.”

– Karen Feldhaus, Drama and Speech Teacher, Daviess County High School (Owensboro, KY)

Information About One-Session Workshops

Our workshops generally last 90 minutes and accommodate up to 30 students. Some options can be shortened to 50 minutes upon request. The base price for workshops is $150. We offer a substantial discount when you schedule more than one workshop on the same date as the same location. Call (502) 718-5090 or contact us online when you’re ready to schedule your date with drama.

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