Artist Residencies for Teens

One of our theatre professionals can come to your school as an Artist in Residence for up to an entire week. Our enthusiasm for the craft is contagious! We’ll work to get your students excited about producing exceptional theatre.

Acting Fundamentals

For Middle and High School Students | Up to 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Learn the basic techniques used by actors around the world as they prepare roles! These hands-on workshops will help students understand and practice the fundamentals of “Method” Acting. We’ll discuss techniques including objectives, actions, sensory memory, characterization, and more. Get more information here.

Center Stage

For Middle and High School Students | Up to 10 sessions of 3 hours each
Want to give your teens the experience of putting on a play (but don’t have the time to pull it off)? We can provide everything the students need to present a one-act play, from scripts to props to stage curtains! Your teens will never forget the experience. View photos from one of our past student performances here.

Comedy Improv

For Middle and High School Students | Up to 10 sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Our most popular program for teens! In this free-flowing, hands-on workshop, your students will learn to play hilarious improv games as they gain an important new skill. Comedy Improv is a lot of fun, but it also helps student actors develop collaboration skills, spontaneity, confidence, and stage presence. Get more information here.

Director’s Workshop

For High School Students | Up to 9 sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Our Director’s Workshop is designed to be a comprehensive survey of the craft for student directors. We offer a total of nine sessions that cover the knowledge that beginning directors need. Topics include “Acting for Directors,” “Where Do I Put My Actors? (Blocking Basics),” and “Sets, Props, Costumes, and You.” Get more information here.

Mime and Movement

For Middle and High School Students | Up to 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Acting is more than reciting words from a script. In this highly-interactive residency, students will develop a character from the outside in. They’ll use techniques from Jacques Lecoq’s Theatre of Movement and Gesture to develop body awareness. Students will end the workshop by creating their own mini-mime performances! Get more information here.


For Middle and High School Students | 5 or more sessions of 90 minutes each
Your students can star in a short digital film! We’ll provide the scripts, camera equipment, lighting, and expertise to bring their short movies to life. Your students provide passion and acting skill! (This residency is recommended for students with some prior acting experience.) Learn more and watch our past student films here.

Stop Bullies

For Middle & High School Students | Variable length
Get students involved in your school’s bullying prevention efforts! We’ll work with a selected group of teens at your school to rehearse a short play that they can share with the student body. We can conduct rehearsals with the cast during a free period, during drama class, or after school. Get more information here.

Writing Great Scripts

For High School Students | Up to 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Discover the tools you need to write effectively for the stage! With classroom instruction and hands-on practice, these workshops walk budding writers through four key elements in a winning script: Conflict, Characters, Dialogue, and Theme. This workshop culminates in a staged reading of student work. Get more information here.

Information About Artist Residencies

God has gifted George with dramatic talents that are captivating. He is wonderful to work with and has a personality that you will love. He is a gifted writer, director, and teacher with a lot of experience in his craft. … In the classroom, I noticed students paying close attention to what he was teaching. He made his classes an enjoyable learning experience and got everyone involved.

— Bobby Everett, Drama Coordinator, Mississippi Christian Performing Arts Festival (Jackson, MS)
  • Looking for workshops that will fit into one class period? Explore our one-session workshops.
  • One of our artists may also be available as a Guest Director for your next play!
  • Contact us for information about Artist Residencies.