Drama Ministry

Nothing impacts lives like a good story, and drama is often the most powerful way to tell one. Drama by George can equip the members of your church theatre troupe to take their craft to the next level.

Drama Workshops

In an hour, a day, or a weekend, we can give your team new skills and excitement for theatre. Explore the options for actor training, or give your directors a fresh perspective on their craft. We also offer workshops for playwrights, and several sessions specifically for artists with a Christian worldview, like “Drama in the Bible.”

Guest Directing

Have script, will travel! Maximize the impact of your next production with a professional director. It’s a great chance for your “in-house” performers and directors to learn new tricks of the trade while the production comes together. Professional director and educator George Halitzka can visit for one rehearsal to provide intensive coaching, or join you for several weeks to mount an entire production. Learn more about Guest Directing here.

Original Scripts

Need a script for Christmas, Easter, yourĀ youth group, or Sunday morning worship? Drama by George may have just what you’re looking for in our growing catalog of plays and sketches. Published and produced playwright George Halitzka can even prepare a custom script to meet your unique needs.

Theatre Articles

Read free articles about starting a drama ministry in your church, coaching your actors to give stronger performances, and more.

[The play] was a huge success, because the community got to see theatre at its finest … George strives to achieve greatness, never shortchanging his vision.

— Wendy Dull, Theatre Teacher, Southview High School (Lorain, OH)