Bully Games

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Give Teens Hands-On Experience with Bullying Prevention

For Grades 6-12 | 50 minutes | Up to 100 Students | $350*

We’ve never met a teen who doesn’t love to play games! Bully Games combines highly-interactive activities with real-life stories to deliver an impactful message about empathy and bullying prevention.

Being Royal

Teens circulate around the room to greet each other based on the “status symbol” (playing card) that each one holds in her hand. If you have a King or Queen, expect to be treated like teen royalty! But if you’re holding a 2 or 3, people may not want to connect with to you. This game provides a nonthreatening introduction to judging others based on social status and appearance.

Jacob, Part 1

Middle schoolers in the midst of playing gamesWhen presenter George Halitzka was in middle school, he had a best friend named Jacob. Unfortunately, Jacob’s social status was even lower than George’s. When some bullies came for Jacob, George had to decide where his true loyalties would lie.

Groups of 7

We challenge students to form groups of various sizes. If they can gather the right number of people, all is well. But if they don’t find a group, they’re eliminated from the game. In a surprise ending that addresses the pain of being excluded by peers, the winners of the game are students who were left out!

Jacob, Part 2

George decided not to stick up for his friend Jacob when some bullies ganged up on him. In fact, you could say that George turned into another bully. Jacob ended up transferring out of the school. At the end of this cautionary tale, George reminds students that what they say and do now can make an impact — for good or for evil — on their peers’ lives for a long time to come.

Just a Minute

To end the program on an upbeat note, two student teams compete to see whether the boys or the girls can give more compliments in one minute. George challenges students to take a few seconds to be kind to a peer who’s not in their usual social circle before the end of the school day.

What Educators and Students Are Saying

“The program has a great message, but it is the students engaging and interacting . . . that really makes the program special.”
– Dawn Davis, FRYSC Coordinator, Lassiter Middle School (Louisville, KY)

“George has a dynamic story and delivers it beautifully.”
– Luke McAnally, Assistant Principal, Trinity Christian Academy (Lexington, KY)

“Great overall advice and presentation from George. I like how he used real-life experiences.”
– Seventh Grade Student (Louisville, KY)

Presenter George Halitzka can help you empower your students with empathy for their peers! Call (502) 718-5090 to schedule Bully Games at your school.

*A discounted rate is available for programs presented to classroom-sized audiences (30 students or less).

The price shown above is subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

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