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Drama by George is committed to enriching your students’ lives with character-building theatre. However, we don’t know quite how the summer will shape up in light of COVID-19, which is why any program on this page can be delivered in-person OR virtually online! Call Drama by George at (502) 718-5090 to schedule your program. We’ll help you give your students a fantastic summer, whether we do it by video or live in the flesh.

Learn how we’re preparing to deliver safe and high-quality programs during the pandemic in person and online.


Stop Bullies

Stop Bullies

Grades 6-12 | 45 minutes | Up to 500 students | $250
Speaker George Halitzka was bullied all the time as a teenager, and his peers thought he was a complete dork. But today, George has impacted thousands of students with the true story of his experiences. Watch a short video here.

The Grit Game Show

…And Another One

If we schedule an in-person visit, this performances is also available
The Grit Game Show | A motivational game show about achievement and resilience ($375)

One-Session Drama Workshops

Comedy Improv Basics

Comedy Improv Basics

Grades 6-12 | 90 minutes | Up to 30 students | $150
In our most popular workshop for teens, students will learn the basics of comic acting without a script, then demonstrate their skills with an in-class performance. We’ll show you the funny in Comedy Improv Basics! Get more information here.

Acting Like a Professional

Acting Like a Professional

Grades 6-12 | 50 minutes | Up to 30 students | $125
Learn the basic techniques used by actors around the world as they prepare roles! We’ll discuss and practice actions, objectives, and tactics in this introduction to Method Acting. Get more information here.

Explore more one-session drama workshops available online OR in person

Multi-Session Drama Workshops

Center Stage Drama Camp

Center Stage

Grades 3-12 | Five 60-minute sessions + virtual performance* | Up to 20 students | $900
We’ll equip your students to perform a short play in just one week! We provide everything you need for a great performance as we put your students in the spotlight. Get more information here.

Real Life Drama: Conflict Resolution

…And Another One

If we schedule an in-person visit, this program is also available
Real Life Drama: Conflict Resolution | Eight weekly role-playing workshops empower students to solve problems without violence ($850)

*The session length listed is for an online program. Online programs also include enrichment activities that we challenge students to complete outside of the meeting time and share with the group, plus a virtual performance (a finished video or audio production featuring student work). In-person programs have longer sessions, but don’t include a virtual performance or extra enrichment activities.

Prices on this page valid June 1-August 7, 2020 only. Discounts are available if you schedule multiple workshops (or a performance plus a workshop) on the same day at the same location. A travel charge applies for destinations outside a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

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