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Since 2007, Drama by George has presented 575 performances for 72,000 students! Check out what educators are saying about our high-energy productions.

The Grit Game Show | Stop Bullies | Kylie for President | Be the Hero

The Grit Game Show (2016-Present)

The Grit Game Show was an extremely engaging and interactive program that kept our students hanging on to the edge of their seats! In the weeks and months after the program, I was able to witness many situations where students used the knowledge and skills communicated through the program to help solve their own problems. I highly recommend this very practical and useful program!”

– Kevin Weihe, Guidance Counselor, Lebanon Junction Elementary School (Lebanon Junction, KY)

The Grit Game Show was exciting, fun for kids, and relevant! Every student was engaged and participating — even the teachers were a part of the game! The only thing I wish I had done differently was bring Drama By George to our school earlier! The closing piece that focused on the Growth Mindset really resonated with all of our students. Thank you to Drama by George for the great experience!”

– Jackie Duvall, FRYSC Coordinator, Painted Stone Elementary School (Shelbyville, KY)

“An incredibly engaging performance by Drama by George on GRIT! The Stopher kids loved it and learned a ton about tenacity.”

– Tamara Hedrick, Teacher, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“We hosted The Grit Game Show . . . and it was one of the best programs presented this year. Our students really were engaged and involved. The program presented some valuable life and academic lessons in a fun and exciting way.”

– Anthony Adams, FRYSC Coordinator, Trunnell Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“This was a great show. It taught real-life skills in a fun and interactive way. It had a clear and impactful message.”

– Melissa Escobar, FRYSC Coordinator, Cane Run Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

The Grit Game Show was a fun, interactive [assembly] that was loved by our students and staff. It hit on many important topics such as perseverance, career awareness, and testing preparation. One of the best programs we’ve ever had!”

– Lauren Manion, Guidance Counselor, Crossroads Elementary School (Mount Washington, KY)

The Grit Game Show is a fun, interactive performance that our students thoroughly enjoyed. It kept our special-needs population engaged for the entire performance!”

– Sonya Hamilton, Life Skills Coordinator, Pitt Academy (Louisville, KY)

“The Grit Game Show was fun, informative, and relevant. Thank you for engaging our 3rd-8th grade students!”

– Rebekah Murphy, Guidance Counselor, Eminence Independent School (Eminence, KY)

“You know it is an effective program when a student comments, ‘Wow, I never knew all those famous people made mistakes just like me.’”

– Stephanie Blandford, Guidance Counselor, St. Andrew Academy (Louisville, KY)

“I just loved the game show technique. Kids and teachers loved it, too! The Grit Game Show was an excellent program incorporating real-life experiences.”

– Bev Ising, Guidance Counselor, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

Stop Bullies (2014-Present)

“George held the attention of a room full of freshman students. [He was] extremely captivating as he spoke about his real-life experiences with bullying in middle and high school. I loved his message of not participating in the game of ‘Better Than.’ I recommend this presentation to anyone trying to address the issue of bullying.”

– Diane Polley, Teacher, Fern Creek Traditional High School (Louisville, KY)

“George spoke to our school about bullying, and did so using real-life experiences. It was good for our middle school students to see firsthand how words can be hateful and the long-range damage they can do. I recommend having George Halitzka speak to your students about bullying.”

– Jeff Purichia, Principal, St. James Catholic School (Louisville, KY)

“Thanks again for coming to East Oldham Middle School and sharing your story with us. It was a great kickoff to our guidance topic for the month and created many talking points during our guidance lessons this week. All students had positive comments about the assembly as well. . . . The administration and faculty liked how you connected your experiences to adulthood, exposing the long-lasting effects of bullying. Moreover, you explained to students who is responsible for creating a remedy for bullying behavior: the bystander.”

– Brandon Murphy, Guidance Counselor, East Oldham Middle School (Crestwood, KY)

“Following your assembly . . . we had many students come forward that were the bystander or the victim in a bullying situation. I feel that they found some confidence and a ‘voice’ enabling them to come forward to teachers and administration. . . . Feedback from the staff included ‘great assembly’ and ‘well worth the time.’ West Point has enjoyed a wide array of George Halitzka’s programs over the years. The kids enjoy his stories and activities, and we plan to continue inviting him back to our school.”

– Jessica Rains, FRYSC Coordinator, West Point School (West Point, KY)

“I am sorry to just now be sending our thanks for your wonderful program. . . . You did a great job engaging our students and touching their hearts. I have heard positive feedback from faculty and students. . . . Thanks for your passion on this important topic.”

– Blythe Jamieson, Guidance Counselor, Sayre School (Lexington, KY)

“Thanks for always doing such a great job and being such an inspiration to the students. Until next year!”

– Dawn Davis, FRYSC Coordinator, Lassiter Middle School (Louisville, KY)

“I was very pleased with ‘Stop Bullies,’ and the students . . . really enjoyed the program as well. The students were very engaged and attentive during the presentation, and they were able to relate to the real-life situations you shared. Thank you so much for presenting to our middle school and freshman students!”

– Jennifer Lowe, FRYSC Coordinator, Hebron Middle School and North Bullitt High School (Shepherdsville, KY)

“George . . . related something to all the students in the room. He spoke about things the students knew were real and relevant.”

– David Whitmore, Assistant Principal, Grayson County Middle School (Leitchfield, KY)

“George really pours his heart into helping our youth. He has a special way of helping teens understand the effects of bullying. THANK YOU, GEORGE!”

– Cheryl Gilbert, FRYSC Coordinator, Carrithers Middle School (Louisville, KY)

“Thank you for coming to our class and giving us a first-hand account of bullying. Everyone usually just talks about it and didn’t really get bullied [like you did]. I’ve been picked on before . . . if you can make it, I can make it.”

– Hannah, 7th Grade Student (Louisville, KY)

“Thank you for teaching me about bullying and how we should not bully anybody. . . . One thing I learned was to tell a trusted adult or your parents if you are being bullied. I think your words were [inspirational], and I think you should write a book.”

– Dylan, 7th Grade Student (Louisville, KY)

Kylie for President (2014-2016)

“Kylie for President was one of the best character education assemblies we have had at our school. It was fun and engaging! The message covered several different character traits which helped our students grasp the overall theme of the show, making good choices. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from both students and staff about this program!”

– Lauren Manion, Guidance Counselor, Crossroads Elementary School (Mount Washington, KY)

“I was very impressed and our children really learned. . . . The play accurately showed what it feels like and how to deal both correctly and incorrectly with topics of anger, jealousy, hurt feelings, and bullying. Our children had a fantastic time; they were learning while being entertained and having fun. After the play we had great talks about their thoughts and experiences. The play helped us process feelings and thoughts we may not normally talk about. I highly recommend Kylie for President; it is amazing!”

– Nevia Brown, Activity Therapist, Our Lady of Peace (Louisville, KY)

“Kylie for President encompassed a valuable lesson for grades 1-8, which in and of itself is a difficult task! As a school, we were able to enjoy an entertaining, engaging play, while witnessing and learning about the valuable lesson of making positive choices!”

– Janie Anthony, Assistant Principal, Meredith-Dunn School (Louisville, KY)

“Kylie for President was an extremely engaging and worthwhile program. The performance, sound, and props were top-notch.”

– Kevin Weihe, Guidance Counselor, Lebanon Junction Elementary School (Lebanon Junction, KY)

“It was awesome! I heard great comments from teachers . . . Kylie for President held the attention of all of our students! Highly recommended.”

– Amanda Thompson, PTA Representative, Laukhuf Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“Drama by George presentations are always well done, and the students learn valuable lessons while being entertained.”

– Jean Ann May, Assistant Principal, St. Raphael Catholic School (Louisville, KY)

Great performance! Kylie for President was engaging and kept the students entertained. The message was well developed and delivered to the students.”

– Carla Kolodey, Assistant Principal, Wheatley Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“The assembly was engaging for our students. . . . We liked the combination of video and live acting.”

– Blue Lick Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

We have found Drama by George to be very engaging with great content. Our students and staff loved [Kylie for President], and the cost is very reasonable.”

– Leigh Ann Lowery, FRYSC Coordinator, Old Mill Elementary School (Mount Washington, KY)

Be the Hero (2012-2015)

“We scheduled Drama by George’s Be the Hero as the ‘finale’ for our bullying prevention kick-off week. What a great way to end the week! The kids were engaged and entertained by the performance. The message of Be the Hero echoed our schoolwide message of bullying prevention. The kids are still talking about it!”

– Suzie Lehman, Guidance Counselor, John G. Carlisle Elementary School (Covington, KY)

“Just had to tell you how much we enjoyed the performance . . . The kids loved it! They were really bummed that morning about missing PE for an assembly, but afterwards they were so excited [that they] were walking down the hallway saying, ‘You were right, Mrs. Matson, that was way better than PE!’ For second graders, being better than PE is just about the best compliment there is!”

– Adrienne Matson, Second Grade Teacher, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“Be the Hero was one of the best assemblies I’ve seen on the subject of bullying. The students were engaged/ entertained, and the message was clear. The resources for the classroom were very useful as a follow-up.”

– Chas Meinecke, Guidance Counselor, Middletown Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“Drama by George’s Be the Hero program provides educational, entertaining, and emotionally moving content that will inspire students to ‘Be the Heroes’ in their schools. Bullies beware–our students are prepared!”

– Shannon Townsley, Arts and Humanities Teacher, Jeffersontown Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“At a time when bullying is so prevalent in schools and online, it is great to have companies like Drama by George that teach children about bullying and how to overcome it in such a fun and creative way. Our campers were engaged and entertained the entire time, while also being taught a valuable lesson. We would highly recommend Drama by George to any group or school working with children, and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

– Summer @ Sayre Staff, Sayre School (Lexington, KY)

“The Be the Hero program was very engaging and informative. Our students had a blast and learned about ways to stop bullies at the same time.”

– Jennifer Ruckriegel, Guidance Counselor, Southside Elementary School (Shelbyville, KY)

“Our students were enthralled by the program . . . and actively engaged the whole time. I even overheard one [student] telling his parent about it late that afternoon!”

– Leigh Ann Lowery, FRYSC Coordinator, Old Mill Elementary School (Mount Washington, KY)

“The kids had a wonderful time–very engaging. Great message with useful tips.”

– Heidi Heiss, Guidance Counselor, Taylorsville Elementary School (Taylorsville, KY)

“Be the Hero . . . was wonderful. The kids really liked it and the teachers did, too. I went to a local restaurant in the evening, after the program at school. One of our second graders was there; he was telling everyone about the program and its content.”

– Marsha Ash, FRYSC Coordinator, West Point School (West Point, KY)

“Drama by George did a phenomenal job of engaging students at all grade levels through interaction and content. The content was up-to-date and well-received by teachers and students alike.”

– Daniel Mullins, Principal, New Highland Elementary School (Elizabethtown, KY)

“The Be the Hero production provided the spark my counselors needed to get their kids talking about bullying. I would highly recommend it!”

– Stuart Owens, Program Director, Southeast YMCA (Louisville, KY)

“Be the Hero started off in a way that immediately caught the attention of our K-5th graders. … An upbeat, professionally done program.”

– Patricia Vaughn, Guidance Counselor, Anchorage School (Louisville, KY)

“The students really enjoyed the performance . . . it was a great learning experience for all ages.”

– Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Jeffersonville, IN)

“The cast did a wonderful job of keeping our K-5 students engaged in the presentation. The message was clear and it was heard being repeated in the hallways for days after.”

– Wes Wrucke, Principal, Our Savior Lutheran School (Louisville, KY)

“This is how I will be a superhero: I will help others who are being bullied. I will play with others who are being left out.”

– Second Grade Student (Covington, KY)

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