Online Stories Alive!

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An Interactive Storytelling Performance

Grades K-5 | 50 minutes | Up to 200 Students | $200*

Stories Alive! is a fresh, ONLINE approach to the age-old tradition of storytelling. Classic and contemporary tales both spring to life as storyteller George Halitzka engages your students with this high-energy, interactive show. George combines audience participation, compelling narratives, and a unique, dramatic style into one exciting program.

During the show, he’ll bring a wide range of stories vividly to life, from fairy tales to true stories from his own experience. Our presentation includes highly-interactive retellings of “The Three Little Pigs” and “Jack and the Beanstalk,” plus large-group games like “Top Monkey,” and George’s personal story about bullying. Stories Alive! exposes students to the performing arts and social emotional learning (SEL) content at the same time.

Stories Alive! is normally presented in an asynchronous (recorded) format. However, you can also make it a livestream to increase student engagement. In this format, George will host the program live to introduce each story. The stories themselves will still be recorded, which allows us to use green screen technology and other visual elements to make them extra-exciting to watch! Please contact us with any questions.*

What Educators Are Saying

“The online version of Stories Alive! was exactly what I was looking for! Our after-school families enjoyed an engaging and enriching live storytelling event with lots of interaction.”

– Amanda McLendon, Elementary After-School Program Manager, Communities in Schools of Clark County (Jeffersonville, IN)

*Stories Alive! is available as an asynchronous (recorded) program for $200. If you’d like to make it a livestream, as described above, add $100.

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