Stopping Bullies: Superhero Edition

NEW: Now Featuring Superheroes!

Stopping Bullies is now presented by a pair of caped crusaders! Aspiring hero Water Boy and his big sister, Fire Girl, will teach your students how to save the day by stopping bad guys at school.

Empower Your Students to Prevent Bullying!

For Grades K-5 | 50-60 Minutes | Up to 200 Students | $375 Per Assembly

Bullying is a hot topic in schools today — and with good reason. Taunts, gossip, and violence can have a lasting impact on kids. Stopping Bullies: Superhero Edition gives students an overview of the topic, then equips them with four strategies to stop bad guys (and girls) in their tracks.

“A fun and interactive program. The students were engaged and understood the message.”
– Walt Aberli, FRYSC Coordinator, Laukhuf Elementary School (Louisville, KY)


By the end of the assembly, students will know how to use four nonviolent strategies to resist bullying.


We begin with a boys-versus-girls trivia contest that reviews key facts about bullying. Then we teach four strategies that students can use when they encounter a bully, whether the offender is picking on them or on a classmate.

1. STOP: Have courage to tell the bully to stop.
2. LEAVE: Don’t listen to trash talk. Just walk away.
3. TELL: Tell an adult you trust what happened.
4. FRIEND: Hang out with people who care about you.


We show a short film called “The New Girl” about a student who just arrived at a new school. Unfortunately, she’s intentionally excluded from a group when she tries to make friends. We discuss the film in a talk show-style format, helping students relate the lessons of the story to their own lives.


We believe role-playing is the most impactful way for students to learn about bullying prevention, because it allows them to practice solving real-life problems without real-life consequences. Our Real Life Drama assembly adapts role-playing to large groups, so that we can work with a gym full of students at once!

Two professional actors perform open-ended mini-scenes that depict real-life bullying scenarios. Student volunteers then come onstage to take over one of the roles in each scene. Their goal is to use a bullying prevention strategy we’ve discussed to bring the scene to a successful conclusion. Finally, we remind students that they have the power to make their school a better place when they stop bullies.

Educator Resources

Preview the educator resources that accompany this performance here.

When students get real-life practice in stopping bullies through role-playing, we believe it will make a real-life difference for them at school! Contact us to schedule your performance of Stopping Bullies: Superhero Edition.

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