Real Life Drama: Bullying Prevention

For Grades 3-6 | 50-60 Minutes | Up to 200 Students | $350 Per Assembly

STOPPING BULLIES gives students practical resistance skills to prevent bullying! We empower them to be “good bystanders” if they see a classmate being victimized.

WHEN YOU’RE A BULLY acknowledges that all of us hurt other people sometimes. We provide students with practical strategies to prevent their own bullying behavior.

Teaching, Modeling, and Practice

“Stopping Bullies” and “When You’re a Bully” are two different (but closely related) interactive bullying prevention assemblies. In both programs:


Role-playing is the perfect way to teach students about bullying prevention, because it allows kids to practice solving real-life problems without real-life consequences. Our Real Life Drama assemblies adapt role-playing to large groups, so that we can impact a whole gym full of students at once!

When students get real-life practice in stopping bullies through role-playing, we believe it will make a real-life difference for them at school!

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