For Grades 3-8 | 60 Minutes | Up to 400 Students | $400


Empower Your Students to Achieve Their Goals!

The Grit Game Show has been one of our most popular performances ever! Students love the high-energy, interactive format. Educators appreciate our rich content and focus on student achievement.

GRIT 2 is an all-new version of the program. The game show format and emphasis on achievement remain the same, but the content is completely new. In GRIT 2, we highlight ways that tweens can achieve their goals by investing time, skills, and money. Student volunteers will compete in these onstage activities.

Show Me the Money

Money may not buy happiness, but it does help us reach many of our dreams. Do your students have enough grit to earn the cash they’ll need for the lifestyle they want? Tweens will explore what it takes to rent an apartment, buy a cell phone, and afford life’s little luxuries, like eating.

Time Out

In this round, it’s science fair time! How will our contestants balance the demands of everyday life with the requirements of a big school project? The more time students carve out to work on the science fair, the better they’ll do in the game. But if they cut the wrong item from their schedules (like sleeping), things won’t turn out well.

Mad Skills

Different paths in life require different abilities, but there are some skills that can help achieve virtually any goal — things like teamwork, being on time, and organization. In this competition, contestants will be paired up to show off their Mad Skills. But watch out: if the teammates’ answers don’t agree with each other, they won’t earn any points!

Action Plan

“Action Plan” isn’t a game. It’s a short talk, about ten minutes long, that finishes every performance. We’ll challenge your students to take action on a short-term goal today.


What Educators Say About the Original Show

The Grit Game Show was an extremely engaging and interactive program that kept our students hanging on to the edge of their seats! In the weeks and months after the program, I was able to witness many situations where students used the knowledge and skills communicated through the program to help solve their own problems. I highly recommend this very practical and useful program!”

– Kevin Weihe, Guidance Counselor, Lebanon Junction Elementary School (Lebanon Junction, KY)

The Grit Game Show was exciting, fun for kids, and relevant! Every student was engaged and participating — even the teachers were a part of the game! The only thing I wish I had done differently was bring Drama By George to our school earlier! The closing piece that focused on the Growth Mindset really resonated with all of our students. Thank you to Drama by George for the great experience!

– Jackie Duvall, FRYSC Coordinator, Painted Stone Elementary School (Shelbyville, KY)

“An incredibly engaging performance by Drama by George on GRIT! The Stopher kids loved it and learned a ton about tenacity.”

– Tamara Hedrick, Teacher, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)


Bring The Grit Game Show to Your School!

Host George Halitzka will equip your students with tools they can use to achieve their goals, in school and in life! Let us invest in your students with a performance of GRIT 2.

The price shown above is subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

The Grit Game Show is a motivational assembly about achievement and resilience where students become contestants in an onstage game show! So far, we’ve presented 25 performances for 5500 students, and we’re still going strong.