B. B. Wolfe Gets Schooled

An Assembly About Empathy, Bullying, and a Big, Bad Wolf!

For Grades K-5 | 60 minutes | Up to 400 Students | $475

George Halitzka as B.B. WolfeHe’s BIG…he’s BAD…and he’s a BULLY! Fifth grader B.B. Wolfe is the biggest bully at Fairy Tale Academy. That’s why the principal, Ms. Fahree, decides to use her magical powers to transform B.B. into the kids he’s been picking on. As B.B. walks a mile in Hansel and Rapunzel’s shoes, he learns how they’ve been hurt by his actions. Our fast-paced, interactive program equips elementary students to empathize with their peers . . . and stop their own bullying behavior before it starts! Preview the free Classroom Resources that accompany the program here.

Equip Your Students with Empathy

What Educators Are Saying

Janelle Renee Dunn as Ms. FahreeB. B. Wolfe Gets Schooled is new, but here’s what educators say about our other performances.

“One of the best programs we’ve ever had!”
– Lauren Manion, Guidance Counselor, Crossroads Elementary School (Mount Washington, KY)

“A clear and impactful message.”
– Melissa Escobar, FRYSC Coordinator, Cane Run Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“Feedback from the staff included ‘great assembly’ and ‘well worth the time.'”
– Jessica Rains, FRYSC Coordinator, West Point School (West Point, KY)

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