Online Spotlight Artist Residency

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A Hands-On Introduction to Acting

Grades 3-5 | 5 sessions of 45 minutes each | Up to 50 Students | Asynchronous (Recorded) | $400

One of the coolest things about theatre is that you can learn a lot by playing educational games! In each session of this highly-interactive program, we’ll spotlight a different acting skill, from pantomime (acting without words or props) to developing a character. Students will be guided through hands-on practice with every skill as they work through the Spotlight program.

Our program helps students build creativity and self-confidence while they learn the basics of acting. Let us put your kids in the Spotlight!

Add an Enrichment Activity

Optionally, you can add an enrichment component to your Spotlight program. We’ll invite students to record themselves performing a very short scene at the end of each session. Then, with parental permission, we’ll compile the students’ work into a class showcase. Your kids will have a virtual performance that celebrates everything they’ve learned!*

*There is an additional charge to compile your class showcase video if you offer the enrichment activities.

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