Online Spotlight Artist Residency

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A Hands-On Introduction to Acting

Grades 3-5 | 5 sessions of about 40 minutes each | Up to 50 students | $400*

One of the coolest things about theatre is that you can learn a lot by playing educational games! In each session of this highly-interactive program, we’ll spotlight a different acting skill, from pantomime (acting without words or props) to developing a character. Students will be guided through hands-on practice with every skill as they participate in the Spotlight program.

Program Options*

Spotlight can be presented with three different options.

Our program helps students build creativity and self-confidence while they learn the basics of acting. Let us put your kids in the Spotlight!

*The $400 price at the top of this page applies when you use our pre-recorded content for asynchronous instruction. There is an additional charge when the program is delivered by a live teaching artist online (synchronous instruction). An additional charge also applies if we challenge your students to record videos of themselves completing the enrichment activities, as it requires additional time to edit a showcase of the kids in action. Synchronous sessions will last about 50-60 minutes (rather than 40 minutes for asynchronous sessions) because of the time needed for student interaction. Please contact us for details.

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