Virtual Drama Club

The Adventures of the Awesome Kids

Tap the image above to listen to one of our students’ radio dramas

An Online After-School Program

Grades 3-8 | 6 sessions of 60 minutes each | Up to 20 Students | Synchronous (Live) | $1050

Even COVID-19 can’t stop the show from going on! In our Virtual Drama Club, we’ll gather your young actors online to rehearse and record an awesome radio drama.

Before TV was invented, listening to the radio is how people got their entertainment. We’re bringing radio drama back with a modern twist as we teach students the basics of voice acting. Plus, since actors will be heard and not seen, there are no lines to memorize!

Teachers can be glad that drama club builds self-confidence, teamwork skills, and creativity. Students can be glad that it’s a lot of fun! Join us as we bring a story to life through sound.

*Price includes editing the radio drama.

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