Virtual Drama Club

Tonya Sawyer and the School Fence

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An Online Enrichment Program

Grades 3-8 | 6 online sessions of 60 minutes each | Up to 15 Students | $1200

If you ever performed in a play as a kid, you probably carry fond memories of your first time onstage. Maybe you also picked up some important life skills along the way! Theatre helps students develop confidence, creativity, teamwork skills, and an appreciation for the arts.

Unfortunately, it’s tough for students to build the memories — or the life skills — that come with theatre during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not impossible: educators worldwide are developing innovative ways for their students to go on performing. Drama by George is empowering our students to perform radio plays.

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Why Radio Plays?

Before TV was invented, listening to the radio is how people got their entertainment. We’ll partner with your school to bring radio drama back with a modern twist! Here’s why we think an audio production is the best way for students to participate in the performing arts right now.

How Virtual Drama Club Works

Here’s the way our online program is set up.

What Parents Are Saying

“I just listened to the production. Wow! This is really good . . . I could literally visualize the entire thing. Hats off to you and the work you’re doing!”

– Philip Bradshaw, Parent of a Fifth Grader

“Thank you so much for offering theater expression for kids, even during a pandemic. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.”

– Erin Neylon, Parent of a Third Grader

Bring a Drama Club to Your Students

Parents and educators can be glad that drama club builds self-confidence, teamwork skills, and creativity. Students can be glad that it’s a lot of fun! We look forward to working with your young actors to craft awesome radio dramas that deliver cool memories while building life skills. Join us to bring a story to life through sound!

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