Elementary Theatre Workshops

Elementary Theatre Workshops

Enrich Theatre Skills with One-Session Programs

For Grades K-5 | 50 Minutes | Up to 30 Students Per Session | $150*

These hands-on performing arts experiences require only one class period to complete, and they’ll be the highlight of your students’ week!

Acting Like a Professional

For Grades 3-5
Ever wonder how professional actors do their work? They make it look so easy! Well, one workshop won’t turn you into a professional actor, but you can learn some basic techniques used by skilled actors around the world. We’ll practice Objectives, Tactics, and Given Circumstances in this action-packed, hands-on class.

Building a Character

For Grades 3-5
When you step onstage, you need to become another person — a character. How do you accomplish that? This workshop will give you techniques for working from the inside-out and the outside-in to build your character. You’ll work with other actors to enhance your performance, then present a short scene for the entire class!

Circus, Circus

For Grades K-2
Ever dreamed of joining the circus? Here’s your chance! We’ll practice “playing pretend” in a way that communicates clearly and expressively to an audience. Then we’ll put on our very own circus, featuring clowns, lions, and monkeys! You’ll learn to use your whole body to become the very best actor that you can.

Expressive Movement

For Grades 3-5
According to researchers, more than half of emotional communication is nonverbal. It’s not in our words or even our tone of voice — it’s in our facial expressions and body movements. This workshop will help actors learn to use their faces and bodies to bring their performances to life. Don’t just stand there when you’re delivering lines — do something!

Inside Out

For Grades 3-5
As an actor, you have to do your work twice. First, you vividly imagine the play’s circumstances inside your head . . . then, you use the skill of concentration to bring the circumstances to life with your voice and body. Practice these dual skills of imagination (on the inside) and concentration (on the outside) to make your acting more believable!

The Little Red Chickens

For Grades K-2
Get ready to rehearse and perform in your very own play — in only one hour! First, you’ll take on the character of an animal (like a cat, a dog, a chicken, or a pig). Then, we’ll rehearse for your class performance of “The Little Red Chickens.” Along the way, you’ll build self-confidence and learn more about telling stories.

Once Upon a Story

For Grades 3-5 | 90 Minutes | $175
Once Upon a StoryYou’ll warm up with some fun acting exercises, then begin rehearsing a short play based on a classic fairy tale. We’ll provide the story and the props — you provide the imagination! Watch the fun as each group of students performs their tale with a different twist. How are the performance the same, and how are they different?

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What Educators Are Saying

“George captivated our 5th grade classes with his one-day artist workshop entitled ‘Acting Like a Professional.’ Students were engaged from start to finish as they learned valuable content.”

– Shannon Townsley, Arts & Humanities Teacher, Jeffersontown Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

“Our students had a great time learning about drama with George. Even kids who are usually reluctant to participate were drawn into the activities … George’s unique style and energy are contagious. Learning should always be this fun!”

– Deanna Williams, Arts & Humanities Teacher, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)

*Duration and price vary for selected workshops (only where noted). We offer a substantial discount when you schedule more than one workshop on the same date as the same location. The prices shown above are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

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