Drama Fun After-School Club

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'The Evil Substitute Teacher' cast from Exploring Drama Camp at Bellarmine University

Learn About Acting by Playing Pretend, Then Perform a Play!

For Grades K-2 | 8 Weekly Sessions of 60 Minutes Each | Up to 16 Students | $99 per student (self-paid) or $1267 for all students (school-paid)

Kids are some of the most creative people around, and this after-school program gives them freedom to explore their imaginations! We’ll also help them focus their creativity towards a goal — putting on a short pantomime (acting without words) play for their families and invited guests.

Over the course of eight weeks, students will practice skills that actors need, from developing facial expressions to creating characters. Then at our final meeting, we’ll give a class performance where everyone has a part. Young actors will get an awesome introduction to theatre in Drama Fun!

Why Drama by George?

1. A Complete Arts Enrichment Solution

We provide a comprehensive arts enrichment program that includes a highly-qualified teaching artist, an online registration portal, informative parent letters, and even portable stage curtains.

2. No Stage Fright Here.

We know Drama Fun will be many kids’ first exposure to theatre. We’re committed to making it a fun, low-pressure environment where students can stretch their creative wings by working as a team. We can’t guarantee nobody will get nervous, but we’ll do everything we can to keep it from happening!

3. No Lines to Memorize.

Primary students’ literacy skills can vary widely, and so can their ability to memorize lines. That’s why we take the pressure off! Kids perform in pantomime (acting without words) so that everyone can succeed.

4. We Believe in Kids.

Educational theatre isn’t a small part of what we do — it’s the main thing we do. Drama by George has offered character-building programs for children and teens since 2007.

5. A Proven Concept.

Thousands of Kentuckiana students have benefitted from our after-school programs since 2009. Young actors frequently enjoy our programs so much that they return again and again!

What Teachers and Parents Are Saying

“The program is full of activities that help our students stretch their imaginations and get their creative juices flowing. . . . It is so popular we’ve had to add extra sessions!”

– Jane Hart, Assistant Principal, Stopher Elementary School (Louisville, KY)*

“Drama by George has provided my daughter [with] a wonderful outlet for her creative acting personality.”

– Gaile Nugent, Parent of a 2nd Grader*

What Students Are Saying

“I really liked this [program] and I got to meet new people.”
“I learned that I am a good actor.”
“I got to have fun.”

– Comments from Real Drama by George Students*

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Drama Fun Club is also available as a summer camp or in-school artist residency. Contact us for details.

*Quotations are drawn from a variety of Drama by George programs, including summer camps.

The prices shown above are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.

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