After-School Drama Clubs

In just 8 weeks, our drama clubs expose students to the basics of theatre while they rehearse a fully-staged short play! We’ll bring onstage excitement to your Louisville-area school.

Drama Club Basics

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Why Choose Drama by George?

  1. 'Happily Ever After' at Bellarmine University Summer CampWe Believe in Kids. Educational theatre isn’t a small part of what we do — it’s the main thing we do. We offer live performances and drama workshops for children and teens. All of them are designed to give students a fun and educational experience with theatre.
  2. A Proven Concept. Drama Clubs aren’t new to us. We’ve been educating Kentuckiana students since 2007, and in that time, we’ve provided drama clubs and drama camps to hundreds of students. Young actors frequently enjoy our programs so much that they return again and again!
  3. Students Always Perform a Play. We believe that the best way for young actors to grow is for them to perform. That’s why our drama clubs are always focused on the production of a play. We teach theatre skills by practicing them in a real-life context.
  4. Highly-Qualified Instructors. For some after-school program providers, hiring and training instructors seems to be an afterthought. Not for us! We only hire people who have prior experience, both in theatre and in working with children. Before and during their first semester of leading a drama club, instructors complete approximately ten hours of orientation, including two classroom observations from our staff coaches. Of course, all of our instructors undergo a background check.
  5. The Online Photo Gallery. At no extra charge, we take photos and compile a gallery for all of our student performances. Parents and kids can relive the onstage fun as they enjoy the pictures!
  6. You’ll Deal with the Artistic Director. We take pride in being a locally-owned small business. If you ever experience a problem with your Drama Club, contact George Halitzka, our Artistic Director. He’ll do everything he can to resolve the problem — personally.
  7. Character Education. Many of the fun, kid-friendly scripts that our drama clubs perform have a character education lesson that’s part of the story, from peer pressure to perseverance.
  8. Customized Scripts.We own the rights to every script we use in drama clubs. That means we can customize the play to have exactly the right number of characters–there are never too many or too few parts for the students who enroll! Every child who wants a speaking part is guaranteed to have at least three lines (our minimum enrollment is 10 students, and the maximum is 16). All of our high-quality scripts are written (or adapted from classic children’s literature) for our company by Artistic Director George Halitzka, a published and produced playwright. Schools around the world have licensed our scripts for performance through our Play Script Store, but every play begins right here in Louisville.

To find out how to bring a drama club to your school, contact us.

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To find out how to bring a drama club to your school, contact us.

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