Our Coronavirus Response

How We’re Delivering Top-Notch Online Programs

Kentucky’s current Coronavirus guidance prevents us from visiting day camps and childcare centers in person. But we’re standing by to give your students a great virtual experience! Find our online summer programs here, or keep reading to find out how we’re making virtual programs special.

Drama by George's Home Studio

Our Home Studio

We bring the same high production values from our live performances into our online work. When we say “online program,” we don’t mean somebody sitting in front of a webcam. Our home studio has backdrops (including a greenscreen), an HD camera for top-notch video, and wireless lapel microphones for quality sound.

Pre-Recorded or Live

The advantage of a live program is that we can interact with your students in real time. The disadvantage is that internet connectivity problems can get in the way of a smooth program, and if your students are at home, they have to remember to turn on their computers at a certain time.

The advantage of a recorded program is that your students can experience it any time, we can edit the raw footage to create a tighter presentation, and internet hiccups aren’t an issue. The disadvantage is that kids can’t respond to us like they would in a live setting. Neither option is perfect, but please contact us if we can help you decide what would be best.

We’re Still Interactive

One of Drama by George’s hallmarks is interactive programming. Our virtual workshops and performances still make students a part of the action, even when we’re on video! We might tell kids to stand up and follow along with what we’re doing, ask them to respond to a prompt in the online chat, or challenge them to complete an enrichment activity on their own.

We Bring the Energy

An onscreen workshop or performance may not be quite as exciting as a live event. But we’re working hard to keep our online content engaging. Check out this sample of a follow-along workshop or this instructional video.

How We’re Keeping In-Person Programs Safe

Kentucky’s current Coronavirus guidance prevents us from visiting day camps and childcare centers in person. However, we look forward to seeing you as soon as the state gives us the “all clear.” In the mean time, our virtual summer programs are available.

Keeping Students Safe

Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Other Stuff

Our artists will wear cloth masks or plastic face shields while they work with your students. (A face shield allows a performer’s facial expressions to be seen while maintaining safety. Some experts suggest they even provide better protection than masks.) We’re making sure our artists have plenty of hand sanitizer to bring along on gigs, and we’re committed to following all state regulations that apply to us, including health and temperature checks for our artists before they visit you.

Social Distancing

One of Drama by George’s hallmarks is interactive programming. We’ve adapted our offerings so that students can fully participate in workshops and performances, even while they practice social distancing. To help us protect your students, please make sure they’re seated at least six feet away from the artist.

Props and Supplies

We’ll wash or disinfect all of our props before we bring them to your facility. Any of our normal supplies that can’t be cleaned well will either be left out of the program or thrown away after use.

What About Rescheduling?

We realize the pandemic could shut down your school or organization with little warning. That’s why we’re waiving all rescheduling fees if you need to move your date. We’ll be happy to work with your kids whenever you reopen! In the same way, we ask for your understanding if we have to postpone a presentation because one of our artists needs to self-quarantine.

The Show Must Go On: Our Response So Far

Even a global pandemic can’t stop theatre from happening! Here’s how Drama by George has responded to COVID-19 so far.

Red Stage Curtains

Spring 2020: Honoring Our Commitments

We’re honoring our commitment to give all of our spring drama students the opportunity to participate in a culminating performance. For most of our drama clubs, that means the kids are recording their lines at home so that we can edit them into a radio drama. We also paid our teaching artists for every program they were scheduled to deliver this spring, even the ones that couldn’t take place because of school closings.

Summer 2020: Online and In-Person Programs

Registration for our online summer camps, offered in partnership with Bellarmine University, is now open. We’re also ready to partner with community organizations to offer performances and drama workshops for their students, whether we’re able to visit online or in person.

Fall 2020: Our Crystal Ball is Still Foggy

We can’t see the future clearly at the best of times, but right now, we’re seeing even less than usual. Like everyone else in the world of K-12 education, we’re waiting to discover what things will look like in August. Nonetheless, we’ll keep working to help schools grow students with compassion and character . . . even during a pandemic.

If you have suggestions for how we can adapt to serve students in new ways during the pandemic, please let us know.

Updated May 25, 2020

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