Performance Gallery

Live Student Performances

Student PerformancesA Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale (Stopher Elementary School Wednesdays)
A Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale (Stopher Elementary School Thursdays)
The Eight Little Pigs (Harmony Elementary School)
The Grasshoppers and the Ants (Jeffersontown Elementary School)
The Emperor’s New Clothes (Norton Elementary School Wednesdays)

Online Student Performances

Online Student PerformancesJackie and the Beanstalk (Online Drama Club: Radio Drama)
Tonya Sawyer and the School Fence (Online Drama Club: Radio Drama)
The Emperor’s New Clothes (Johnson Traditional Middle School: Radio Drama)
The Adventures of the Awesome Kids (Brown School: Radio Drama)
The Evil Substitute Teacher (Blake Elementary School: Silent Movie)
The Brave Little Tailor (Audubon Traditional Elementary School: Radio Drama)

Professional Performances and Classroom Workshops

Promotional VideosB.B. Wolfe Gets Schooled (Touring Performance)
GRIT 2 (Touring Performance)
The Grit Game Show (Touring Performance)
Stop Bullies (Touring Performance)
Real Life Drama: Compassion & Empathy (Classroom Workshops)
Real Life Drama: Conflict Resolution (Classroom Workshops)

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