Bringing Character to Life

Drama by George is a little different than the average educational theatre company. We use the performing arts to communicate life-changing character values, from the importance of stopping bullies to the value of hard work, with students in grades K-12. Our commitment to transforming students’ lives through social and emotional learning is the way that we’re Bringing Character to Life.

About our Mission and Vision

About our Values

As we celebrate 10 years of Bringing Character to Life, Drama by George is looking back at some of our most successful programs. Kylie for President was our play about making positive choices in the face of peer pressure. In 2 years, Kylie and her friends gave 45 performances for 10,500 students.

  • Our mission, vision, and values are grounded in timeless truths, but their expression may evolve as we grow as an organization and as individual artists.
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