A Note from George

I built some great memories as a kid, and many of them revolve around performing theatre. That’s part of the reason why Drama by George exists: We want to give today’s students the excitement of performing onstage!

George HalitzkaBut there was a darker side to my childhood as well. From grade school through high school, I was a “weird” kid who sometimes struggled with social skills, which made me a frequent target of bullies. There were days when my peers turned going to school into a miserable experience.

That’s why Drama by George strives to teach not just theatre, but character as well. We try to invest in our drama students’ lives by equipping them with the character traits that theatre naturally builds — things like self-confidence, creativity, self-discipline, and teamwork skills. Plus, we offer standalone programs that address character values, like bullying prevention, in a focused way.

Since 2007, we’ve served tens of thousands of students with programs that cultivate a love for the performing arts and build character. We’d consider it a privilege to invest in the lives of your students, too! Thanks for taking the time to explore our programs. When you’re ready to schedule your date with drama, contact us at (502) 718-5090. We look forward to putting your students onstage!

George Halitzka
Artistic Director

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