Drama for Summer Camps

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Live Performances

Stopping Bullies: Superhero Edition

Grades K-5 | 60 minutes | Up to 200 students | $350
NEW! Young superhero Water Boy is clueless about how to handle evildoers like bullies. Thankfully, his brother Fire Man is there to help. Our heroes will give your students hands-on practice with stopping bullies! Watch a short video here.*

*The video link refers to the “non-superhero” version of this program. In the new Superhero Edition, you get all the content of the “Stopping Bullies” program described in the video, plus the added bonus of costumed presenters!

The Grit Game Show

Grades 3-8 | 60 minutes | Up to 400 students | $400
The Grit Game Show is a motivational program about achievement and resilience where your students become contestants in an onstage game show! We equip kids to keep going when the going gets tough. Watch a short video here.

Stories Alive!

Grades K-5 | 50 minutes | Up to 200 students | $200
Explore an exciting world of high-energy, audience-participation stories! George combines classic tales and a unique, dramatic style into one exciting program. Watch a short video here.

Boys vs. Girls: The Game Show

Grades K-8 | 45 minutes | Up to 200 students | $200
This wacky, messy game show features your students as contestants! Kids will look forward to the highly-interactive fun all week long. As a young audience member once told us, “That was the best show ever!” Watch a short video here.

Drama Workshops (One Session)

The Little Red Chickens

Grades K-2 | 50 minutes | Up to 30 students | $125
We’ll put on a play in just one hour! Students will practice becoming different animals before they present a whole-class performance of the classic tale “The Little Red Chickens.” Get more information here.

Building a Character

Grades 3-5 | 50 minutes | Up to 30 students | $125
When you step onstage, you need to become another person — a character. How do you accomplish that? This workshop will give your students tools for creating an awesome performance. Get more information here.

Other Workshops

All Ages | 50-90 minutes | Up to 30 students | $125-150
If you want your students to get hands-on with the performing arts, we’ve got you covered! Check out all of our drama workshops, from “Acting Like a Professional” to “Once Upon a Story.” Get more information here.

Artist Residencies (One Week or More)

Center Stage

Grades 3-12 | Five 3-hour sessions | Up to 16 students | $800
We’ll equip your students to perform a short play in just one week! We provide everything you need for a great performance, from scripts to props to stage curtains. Get more information here.

Drama Fun

Grades K-2 | Five 90-min. sessions | Up to 16 students | $550
We’ll guide your youngest actors through the process of rehearsing and performing a play of their own! Our story will be told without words, so there are no lines to memorize. Get more information here.

Real Life Drama: Empathy & Compassion

Grades 3-6 | Eight 50-min. sessions | 30 students | $800
From bullying to diversity, our hands-on workshops use role-playing to help kids not just learn, but live vital character values. See how our approach of Teaching, Modeling, and Practice can impact your students! Watch a short video here.

The Fine Print

Prices on this page are valid May 30-August 14, 2018 only. Discounts are available if you schedule multiple workshops (or a performance plus a workshop) on the same day at the same location. A travel charge applies for destinations outside a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville. It’s possible to increase program capacity for the “Center Stage” and “Drama Fun” artist residencies to 20 students under some circumstances. An additional charge will apply. Please contact us for details.

The Grit Game Show is a motivational assembly about achievement and resilience where students become contestants in an onstage game show! So far, we’ve presented 25 performances for 5500 students, and we’re still going strong.

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