When You’re a Bully

Sometimes, a tween becomes a bully without really knowing it. She thinks she’s being funny, or giving an “annoying” kid what he deserves, or just showing off … but meanwhile, her words and actions are wounding someone’s heart. Real Life Drama reminds students to consider the effects of their behavior on others so that they don’t turn into bullies.


By the end of this session, students will be empowered to evaluate their choices before they hurt someone’s body or feelings to get what they want. They’ll also learn how to apologize effectively if they realize later that they’ve wounded someone.


We begin with a Hangman-style contest that introduces the hallmarks of bullying (insults, physical violence, gossip, etc.). Then we explain that bullying happens when someone starts to believe that “What I want is more important then whether I hurt you.” We teach students to ask themselves three questions before they give into bullying: “What will happen to ME if I hurt you to get what I want?” “What will happen to YOU?” “What if we’re equal (instead of me believing I’m somehow better than you)?”


We show a short film called “The Cloud” about one student who inadvertently spreads the effect of her anger through the entire class. Discussion questions help students relate the lessons of the story to their own lives.


Students practice open-ended scenes that depict real-life bullying scenarios. Their goal is to capture the thoughts that lead to bullying before they result in hurtful choices.


We remind students that all people are equal. It’s never okay to hurt someone to get what you want.

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