Conflict Resolution

Everybody disagrees sometimes. But when conflicts are handled well, they can be a way for friends to draw closer together instead of being torn apart. Real Life Drama empowers students with positive steps that they can take to work out their differences.


By the end of this session, students will be able to apply a three-step process to resolve everyday conflicts.


We begin with a competition where students practice using I Statements (“I feel feeling word about what happened“). Then we introduce a three-step process to work out disagreements.

1. LISTEN with your reflective listening skills.
2. TALK using an I Statement.
3. SOLVE by finding a win-win solution.


We show a short film called “Dear Diary” about a silly argument on the playground that threatens to end a friendship. Discussion questions help students relate the lessons of the story to their own lives.


Students practice open-ended scenes that depict real-life conflicts between students. Their goal is to successfully resolve the conflict using the three steps we’ve discussed.


We remind students that the relationship is always more important than the disagreement! It’s never worth losing a friend to get your own way.

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