Appreciating Differences

Differences between human beings may make the world more interesting, but when you’re ten years old, they can also make you feel awkward. Real Life Drama empowers students to appreciate the things that make them different from other people, and other people different from them.


By the end of this session, students will have a more positive outlook on the qualities that make human beings (including themselves) different from each other. They’ll also be empowered to help classmates who are bullied for their uniqueness.


We begin with a large-group, hands-on activity that highlights the positive qualities that make each student unique. We discuss the ways that differences make the world a better, more interesting place.


We show a short film called “Weird” about a girl who feels left out because she has different interests than her classmates. Discussion questions help students relate the lessons of the story to their own lives.


Students practice open-ended scenes that involve encouraging classmates who feel “different.” Their goal is to act in a way that appreciates, rather than denigrates, each person’s unique qualities.


We remind students that “different is good.” We conclude by challenging students to help classmates who may feel left out because they’re distinct from the majority in some way.

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