All About Empathy

Considering another person’s perspective is a difficult task for tweens, but it’s something they need to learn on their way to becoming healthy adults. Real Life Drama equips students with reflective listening skills that they can use to become more aware of what other people are thinking and feeling.


By the end of this session, students will be equipped to listen to another person in a way that understands and honors their feelings.


We begin with an activity where student volunteers try to help an actor who’s (supposedly) feeling blue. Then we discuss reflective listening, a technique for deeply understanding another person’s perspective.


We show a short film called “The Wrong Crowd” about a girl who has a gift for reading people’s minds! Will she use her powers for good or evil? Discussion questions help students relate the lessons of the story to their own lives.


Students practice open-ended scenes that involve trying to understand one another’s feelings. Their goal is to practice Reflective Listening techniques.


We remind students that when you listen to someone who’s struggling, it’s like giving them emotional air to breathe. Empathy takes time, but the benefits are deeper friendships and a better life!

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