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Stopping Drama Ministry Conflict Before It Starts

There are some misunderstandings that are inevitable in ministry. But a lot of disputes could be avoided with better communication.

Tips for Actors in Easter Plays

If you’re an actor in the Church, you’re probably rehearsing for a Passion Play or Easter Pageant this spring. Here are some tips to help you with your role.

Memorizing Lines (And Other Forms of Theatrical Torture)

Are you struggling to memorize lines for an onstage role? There are no magical shortcuts, but these ideas can remove some of the torture from the equation. (This article was written with adult actors in mind. Advice for student actors can be found here.)

Scripts for Church Drama Ministry

Looking for scripts for your church drama ministry? You’ll want to explore the authors and publishers listed here.

Line-Learning Ideas for Student Actors

Memorizing your part in a play may sound tough, but you can do it! You’ll just need to stay disciplined throughout the rehearsal process.

Children and Drama

At Drama by George, we believe that the arts should be an integral part of every student’s education. Here are eight reasons why.

Express Yourself!

How to Start a Drama Ministry (That Doesn’t Stink).” (Published in Ministry Today.)

Acting with a Capital ‘A’

“Four ways to help your performers become more truthful onstage.” (Published at

Emergent Drama

Does theatre have a place in church—even for the next generation? (Published at and

Jar of Miracles

A piece about the journey towards humility in public ministry. (Published in Boundless.)

On Playwriting

In this very personal essay, George explores the reasons why he writes for the stage. (Published in Christianity and Theatre.)

Starting a Drama Ministry In Your Church

Here’s some practical advice on beginning an effective ministry of theatre!

Christmas in August*

“For churches thinking about mounting a holiday show, here’s what you need to know beforehand.” This interview piece featuring George’s contributions was originally published in Stage Directions.

Let’s Act It Out

Need Biblical support for using the arts in worship? You’ve come to the right place! (Published in The Moody Student.)

Live from the Field*

Among other nuggets, this interview piece from Cross Point includes 10 questions to ask yourself as you evaluate dramas for use in worship gatherings.

Why Live Theatre? or “Can’t We Just Watch the Movie?”

Here are eight good reasons why live theatre is important—even in a world dominated by the silver screen. (Published in Christianity and Theatre.)

*All articles on this page were written by George Halitzka, except those noted with an asterisk. Asterisked pieces are interview pieces written by others, but featuring George.

As we celebrate 10 years of Bringing Character to Life, Drama by George is looking back at some of our most successful programs. Be the Hero, our superhero-themed bullying prevention play, is our most popular program of all time! In 3 years, we presented 70 performances for 14,000 students.

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